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The present invention provides novel lettuce cultivar Inferno and plant parts, seed, and tissue culture therefrom. The invention also provides methods for producing a.For the relatively small number of transgenic plants that show higher levels of expression, a genetic map can be generated, for example via conventional RFLP, PCR, and SSR analysis, which identifies the approximate chromosomal location of the integrated DNA molecule.The resulting progeny from this cross are then crossed again to the recurrent parent and the process is repeated until a plant is obtained wherein essentially all of the desired morphological and physiological characteristics of the recurrent parent are recovered in the converted plant in addition to the transferred gene(s) and associated trait(s) from the nonrecurrent parent.30 Foods Under 40 Calories,. It is, however, loaded with crunch and packed with fiber, vitamins A,. Romaine lettuce alone is a great source of B vitamins,.With an inducible promoter, the rate of transcription increases in response to an inducing agent.

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Explore Lorilie Egan's board "Food" on. No peek beef tips and Grilled romaine lettuce. g Cholesterol mg Sodium mg Total Carbohydrate g Dietary Fiber g.How to Grow Lettuce in Grow Bags. Growing lettuce in a plastic bag may sound like a strange concept, but it's a way to grow a small amount of delicious lettuce.

Additional aspects of the invention include harvested products and processed products from the lettuce plants of the invention.The Ti and Ri plasmids of A. tumefaciens and A. rhizogenes, respectively, carry genes responsible for genetic transformation of the plant.In embodiments, the selected progeny has a medium green color.3 hearts romaine lettuce 3 tablespoons unseasoned rice vinegar. (1 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 0 mg cholesterol; 301 mg sodium; 7 g carbohydrate; 3 g fiber;.Seeds of all plants from 11QR-0132 were harvested bulk and they became lettuce cultivar Abilene.The date the seed first receives adequate moisture to germinate.

In representative embodiments, a transgene conferring herbicide resistance confers resistance to glyphosate, sulfonylurea, imidazolinone, dicamba, glufosinate, phenoxy proprionic acid, L-phosphinothricin, cyclohexone, cyclohexanedione, triazine, benzonitrile, or any combination thereof.Hearts of Romaine Finger Salad. 2 hearts of romaine lettuce. 1/4 cup PLANTERS Pecan Halves,. loc_en_US, sid_56833, prod,.Means for preparing and maintaining plant tissue culture are well known in the art.Any transgene that confers or contributes a value-added trait, including those exemplified above, can be introduced into the lettuce plants of the invention through a variety of means including, but not limited to, transformation (e.g., genetic engineering techniques) and crossing. D. Transgenes that Control Male-Sterility: 1.

The terminology used in the description of the invention herein is for the purpose of describing particular embodiments only and is not intended to be limiting of the invention.The single transferred gene may be a dominant or recessive allele.In 2009 Spring nursery in San Juan Bautista, Calif., a total of 14 F3 families were planted and 20 individual plants were selected from two out of the 14 F3 family lines.The application teaches the use of avidin and avidin homologues as larvicides against insect pests. 5. An enzyme inhibitor, for example, a protease or proteinase inhibitor, or an amylase inhibitor.

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Hain, et al., Mol. Gen. Genet., 199:161 (1985) and Draper, et al., Plant Cell Physiol., 23:451 (1982).For example, see the disclosures of Regan, J. Biol. Chem., 269:9 (1994) (expression cloning yields DNA coding for insect diuretic hormone receptor) and Pratt, et al., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm., 163:1243 (1989) (an allostatin is identified in Diploptera puntata ).The premature development of a flowering stalk, and subsequent seed, before a plant produces a food crop.As still another aspect, the invention provides a method of producing lettuce seed, the method comprising crossing a lettuce plant of the invention with itself or a second lettuce plant.Descriptions of Agrobacterium vector systems and methods for Agrobacterium -mediated transgene transfer are provided by Gruber, et al., supra, Miki, et al., supra, and Moloney, et al., Plant Cell Rep., 8:238 (1989).

The foregoing methods for transformation would typically be used for producing a transgenic lettuce line.Alternatively, a genetic trait that has been engineered into a particular plant cultivar using the foregoing transformation techniques could be introduced into another line using traditional breeding (e.g., backcrossing) techniques that are well known in the plant breeding arts.Four true F1 plants were identified in 2007 Spring F1 nursery in Salinas, Calif., and all four F1 plants were allowed to self and seeds were collected individually from each F1 plant.More particularly, plants can be genetically engineered to express various phenotypes of agronomic interest or other desired added traits.Another aspect of the invention provides methods for producing hybrids and other lettuce plants derived from lettuce cultivar Abilene.The average plant weight (g) of Abilene, Green Thunder, and Del Sol are 1031.14, 947.24 and 1037.60, respectively.A plant line can be transformed with a cloned resistance transgene to engineer plants that are resistant to specific pathogen strains.A breeding cross is a cross made to introduce new genetics into the progeny, and is distinguished from a cross, such as a self or a sib cross or a backcross to Abilene as a recurrent parent, made to select among existing genetic alleles.

Map comparisons can involve hybridizations, RFLP, PCR, SSR, and sequencing, all of which are conventional techniques.This tall organic ceramic vase in a rustic green glaze playfully resembles a stalk of romaine lettuce. skip to main content. My Cart - (0) Items. Help Center.Take a peek at the chart below and you’ll see why you should replace iceberg with spinach or romaine lettuce. 1 cup. and a fiber -rich diet and. zip-loc.35 Quick and Healthy Low-Calorie Lunches. 130 calories, 2 slices tomato: 10 calories, 1 leaf romaine lettuce,. Fiber filled beans on top of vitamin-rich kale.The present invention relates to a romaine lettuce. i.e., theoretical allelic content; TAC) from lettuce. of lettuce variety Winter Heart will be.As a further aspect, the invention provides a method of producing lettuce seed, the method comprising crossing a plant of lettuce cultivar Abilene with itself or a second lettuce plant.Oilseed lettuce is a type grown for its large seeds that are pressed to obtain oil.

About Northern VA’s Charmed Life Birth and. For about 1.5 cups of romaine lettuce. It always. you totally lose the fiber. The sugar content remains.Lettuce Abilene has shown uniformity and stability for these traits, within the limits of environmental influence for the traits.The presence of a signal sequence can direct a polypeptide to either an intracellular organelle or subcellular compartment or for secretion to the apoplast.Carrots of Many Colors Provide Basic Nutrition and Bioavailable Phytochemicals Acting as. Lettuce, romaine: 95: 17. or fiber content of carrots.The invention also provides methods for producing a lettuce plant by crossing the lettuce plants of the invention with themselves or another lettuce plant.Another commonly used selectable marker is hygromycin phosphotransferase, which confers resistance to the antibiotic hygromycin.See also, U.S. Pat. No. 5,266,317 to Tomalski, et al., who disclose transgenes encoding insect-specific, paralytic neurotoxins. 8. An insect-specific venom produced in nature, by a snake, a wasp, etc.Selectable markers for plant transformation that are not of bacterial origin include, for example, mouse dihydrofolate reductase, plant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase, and plant acetolactate synthase.Tissue culture of various tissues of lettuce and regeneration of plants therefrom is well known and widely published.

The transgene can be introduced by transformation methods (e.g., genetic engineering) or breeding techniques.FreshDirect is the leading. High Fiber; Low. Light Brown Sugar, Garlic, Canola Oil, Salt, Cumin, Cinnamon, Bay Leaf, Oregano), Romaine Lettuce, Salsa.In 2010 Fall nursery in Yuma, Ariz., a total of 18 F5 lines were established and eight plants were selected from two out of the 18 F5 lines and seeds were harvested individually from each plant.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION The present invention is based, in part, on the development of a novel romaine lettuce having desirable characteristics including medium green color, slow bolting and disease resistances to TBSV and most California races of downy mildew.Examples of promoters under developmental control include promoters that preferentially initiate transcription in certain tissues, such as leaves, roots, seeds, fibers, xylem vessels, tracheids, or sclerenchyma.For example, see the disclosure of Jaynes, et al., Plant Sci., 89:43 (1993), of heterologous expression of a cecropin-beta, lytic peptide analog to render transgenic tobacco plants resistant to Pseudomonas solanacearum. 14. A viral-invasive protein or a complex toxin derived therefrom.Thus, there is an ongoing need for improved lettuce varieties.Fiber. Ash. Quinoa. 12.6. 13.8. 5.0. 59.7. 4.1. 3.4. Barley. 9.0. 14.7. 1.1. 67.8. 2.0. 5.5. Buckwheat. 10.7. 18.5. 4.9. Comparisons of the mineral content In.Optionally, the inducible promoter is operably linked to a nucleotide sequence encoding a signal sequence which is operably linked to a nucleic acid for expression in the plant.